Tree of Life Pendant Necklace


Tree of Life Sparkling Necklace|German Silver Pendant| Tree of Life matching Earring| gorgeous necklace for her| Delicate and Stylish| Rare Purple necklace| Same day Shipping| Cash On Delivery Available| Completely Handmade

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A leaf from Mythology to Modern Art

Tree of Life is a representation of human life. Almost all mythologies do talk about the Tree of Life. The necklace is inspired by the those mythologies. The purple color represents the Royalty, wealth, power, exclusivity, and fame. This  rear and unique collection is something you always would treasure forever.

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The Tree of Life – Number sheet:
  1. Overall Length: 17 in
  2. Pendant Length: 0.5 in dia
  3. Necklace Prime Material: High Quality bead
  4. Necklace Weight: 50 gm
  5. Pendant Material: German Silver
  6. Earring length: 2.2 in
  7. Earring Weight: 3 gm each
  8. Color: Purple




About Bhavna Product

All our Products are handmade. They mostly are unique: one piece. All of us, like to wear something which is not available with anyone. That is why we obtain all our material from all over the world to make them standout in the crowd. Though they are unique, we can customize them as per your requirement if need be. You may contact us or send your customization requirements here.

Additional information

Weight 56 g
Dimensions 17 in


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