Three Elements of Life: Spiral Bracelet for Ladies


Three Elements of life|Multiple Strands Bracelet for Woman| High-Quality German Silver toggle Clasp| Crochet Bracelet| Completely Handmade

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Modern Fashion: Everyday

Three Elements of Life: a Unique Master Piece and a Fashion Statement. Modern Spiral Bracelet for ladies. Three color beads are overlaying to each other to make a statement that Earth, Water, and Air are parts of every life. The Artist here expressing her gratitude to three prime elements of life.

Nothing signifies blessings of pure love as this unique knot-like bracelet design. A bracelet so beautiful, you will want to wear it every day.

Multiple strands make effortlessly unite to form a bond,  a bond that symbolizes the strength of pure love in new relationships meant to last a lifetime.

This stylish bracelet for the woman is very unique. This entire bracelet has been made with Crochet and completely handmade. It takes at least two days to complete this handicraft. The bracelet is made with primarily High-quality beads. This shining quality of the beads makes this bracelet really a unique.

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Three Elements of Life – Art Facts
  1. Overall Length: 7 in
  2. Bracelet Prime Material: High-quality bead
  3. Clasp Material: German Silver
  4. Weight: 11 gm
  5. Color: Dark Blue, White and Transparent


About Bhavna Product

All our Products are handmade. They mostly are unique: one piece. All of us, like to wear something which is not available with anyone. That is why we obtain all our material from all over the world to make them standout in the crowd. Though they are unique, we can customize them as per your requirement if need be. You may contact us by sending a mail to [email protected].

Additional information

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 7 in


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