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Jhumka Earring, A masterpiece from Bhavna

Jhumka Earring from Bhavna is very simple and elegant and yet very different. Completely made in hand and targeted for young modern professional ladies of every age. This cool and hanging style Jhumka Earring matches with almost all modern working women’s mood.

This Jhumka Earring has two different sections. The top section is more like two dimensional boat shape. This Jhumka Earring has a oval shaped section. The Oval section has many further little bell shaped droppings. These bells creates mild yet distinctive sound which make this Jhumka Earring Unique.

The word JHUMKA came from Jhumki. The name Jhumki has been a part of many ageless magnificence of jewelry.  Later we see in history, the Jhumka culture traveled from the East toward the West. Jhumka is traditionally a part of Temple Jewelry. Earlier, Jhumka used to be offered to to deities in the temples of south and later on, went to the temple dancers. Even today, Jhumka is worn as a part of Bharatnatyam dress material. Today, almost every other women in India and other Country love to wear Jhumka Earring.

This earring design is surely an unique yet authentic with the traditional Indian Jewelry. Buy this Jhumka Online from Bhavna.

The Fact sheet
  1. Overall Length: 4 in
  2. Overall Breadth: 1.5 In
  3. Earring Prime Material: German Silver
  4. Total Weight: 15 gm Each
  5. Color: Silver color German Silver

About Bhavna Product

All our Products are handmade. They mostly are unique: one piece. All of us like to wear something which is not available with anyone. That is why we obtain all our material from all over the world to make them standout in the crowd. Though they are unique, we can customize them as per your requirement if need be. You may contact us or send your customization requirements here.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in


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