Elegant Yellow Necklace


Elegant Yellow Necklace set| Handmade Jewelry| Necklace set with Matching Earring| Same Day Shipping| Fashionable Jewelry Necklace Set| Party Wear| High Quality German Silver Pendant

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Elegant Yellow Necklace

Color yourself with this Yellow Necklace. An Artistic expression of desire. A standout style, a jewelry that fits to your lifestyle. Wear this exclusive necklace to show off a sophistication that you always carry.

Product Details 
  1. Overall Length: 13 in
  2. Pendant Length: 2.5 In X 2.5 in
  3. Necklace Prime Material: Glass bead
  4. Pendant Material: German Silver
  5. Earring length: 2.2 in
  6. Earring Weight: 5 Gm each
  7. Color: Yellow
  8. Necklace Prime Material: Glass bead

Additional information

Weight 82 g
Dimensions 13 in


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