Jhoomka Earrings – An Introduction

Jhoomka Earrings: Who does not know about this very popular piece of Jewelry? Every Indian woman, irrespective of their age, cast or religion, surely came in contact with Jhoomka Earrings at some point in their life. I can tell with certainty, Jhoomka is something without this no Jewelry box will be complete.

Popularity of Jhoomka Earrings

We see the mention of Jhumka or Jhumki in ancient Indian culture. In most of South Indian Mandir, we see Deities are decorated with Jhoomka. Later, we see many dancers from all over India started wearing Jhoomka. The Jhoomka became so popular, that all women from entire Indian sub-continent do use this piece of Jewelry. Irrespective of the cast, color or religion, Jhoomka has been welcome by all the women. Even women from the entire western world now like Jhomka.

How Jhoomka Earring are defined?

Do you know how to identify Jhoomka? The prime part of Jhoomka is that there will be a dom or a pyramid shaped hangings in the earring.  We may also see the use of bells  hanging further from the dom or pyramid. The mild and soothing sound of the hangings will always make your mind full of joy.

Jhoomka Earrings from Bhavna

Jhoomka Earrings from Bhavna

Different Names of Jhoomka

There are many names of Jhoomka in India. Below is a small list of its various names in India:

Bengal: Jhoomko
Haryana: Magar/ Kundal
Andhra: Buttalu
Rajasthan: Jhumar
Tamilnadu & Kerala: Jhimki
Bihar: Jhoomki/ Jhumar
Karnataka: Muthina Vale Jhimki

Jhoomka Earrings: Who and How

Though Jhoomka Earrings are part of our ancient culture, we still see them being used for almost every occasion even on today. Bharatnatyam dancers also use Jhoomka as a part of their attire. Now a days, we see modern Indian woman wear Jhoomka  without even any accommodating accessories. Even Indian young girls also use it with any modern dresses. We see many Indian film actresses use it on all possible occasions.

Jhoomka Earrings at Bhavna

We at Bhavna also has a collection of Jhoomka. You can certainly check them at our Earring section. The hallmark of our Jewelry is all the products are handmade. We at Bhavna primarily use High-Quality German Silver for our Jhoomka Many colors of Jhoomka are available: Silver, Gold etc.