Handmade Jewelry is part of every human being. Especially to ladies all over the world. Right from the page of History to modern lifestyle, Jewelry has been an intimate partner in the journey.


Nowadays, most of the Jewelry, like any other things, are made of Machines. Machines are great for repetitive jobs. But they cannot create emotions in the art form. An Art piece is a showcase of emotions..

Machine Made Jewelries are perfect in shape. But do you think life is a perfect place? Handmade Jewelry will never be perfect or identical in shape. That is where the touch of human comes into place. It becomes a near perfect but never perfect.


All Handmade Jewelry will be unique. In Bhavna Art Boutique, we always make this point very important. We know, none of us would want to wear a piece of Jewelry that someone has won it already.


Handmade Jewelry mostly created in small numbers. This makes it easy to control the quality of the products.


Handmade Art

For most of the cases, Handmade products are of high quality. This is possible because they are sourced from reputed places. For mass production, that is very difficult to maintain. In Bhavna Art Boutique, we always collect our material from different parts of the world.


The maker shares a very intimate connection with his/ her creation. When you wear a piece of Handmade Art, you wear an emotion of another human being who made from her heart. Every curve, every notch has a connection to someone’s artistry. Wearing a handmade Jewelry will always give you the sense of human touch of a maker. This is where it majorly differs from a machine made Jewelry.


Every Handmade Jewelry carries a story. The maker thinks something while she designs it. She wants to share the story with her creation. When you are wearing an Art, you also carrying a message that the maker wanted to share it. Again a sense of human touch coming into the picture.


You never know where the money is going when you buy a Machine made Jewelry from a big corporation. In case of Handmade Jewelry, you know there is a human behind the creation. You may not know her personally, but you are sharing someone’s feeling or someone’s creativity. You always know, that your money is going to some real person whom you admire for her creativity.


If you love a Handmade Jewelry, you must know that someone has put hours of interest just for making the design or even for that matter for making it final presentable shape. By wearing her creation, you are actually sharing your gratification for making that beautiful piece of Art. You also feel humble for the amount of devotion someone has put behind the scene to make you special.


And finally, for most of the time, Handmade Jewelry is being made by the humble part of the society. Purchasing a Handmade Jewelry, you are actually supporting them for their living.

Next time when you buy or wear a Handmade Jewelry, you may feel precious and unique.


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